Skeyetech is a fully automated drone solution for surveillance. It provides around-the-clock service and security, without human intervention.

This system can be connected to any security network to provide real-time HD video to security HQ.



Skeyetech system, the new area of automated surveillance


Automatic quick situation assessment

In the case of a security breach, Skeyetech drones automatically take off to the designated area to identify the source of the intrusion and help the security team to provide an appropriate response.
The reactiveness of the system is much higher than the one of any manned patrol.

Automatic patrols

Skeyetech drones can also carry out daily scheduled surveillance missions and routine inspections all around the site.

Operational support

If an intervention is needed, Skeyetech drones offer a precious aerial vantage point to the coordinators of the operation.




Superior performance

With its high-quality sensors, Skeyetech drones allow to see better and further, in daylight as well as at night. They go from 0 to 80 km/h in few seconds and thus provide faster feedbacks.

  Men safety

Skeyetech drones can quickly assess situation in potentially hazardous zones (fire, intrusion…) without jeopardizing operators safety.


Automated drones are profitable as compared to conventional surveillance solutions such as planes, helicopters or human patrols.








< 20


IP 54







Innovative automated system

Skeyetech systems are 100 % automated. Powered by a proprietary AI, Skeyetech drones can conduct automated takeoff, safe navigation based on live calculations functions and very precise landing.

Therefore, Skeyetech solution requires no pilot training for security guards and no flying skills. The security teams can follow automatic missions or order live missions through an intuitive control software with a «_click & go_» simplified navigation.






Operational 24/7

The connected base Skeyetech is the heart of the solution, it contains all the technologies and know-how of our teams. It recharges the drone and continuously communicates with it and the software interface in order to ensure the good execution of each mission. The base can deploy the drone in less than 20 seconds.

It has been designed to comply with the most extreme climatic conditions, it meets the IP56 International Protection Marking requirements and is compliant with aeronautical standards. In this way, Skeyetech system is operational all the time.






Easy to implement

Skeyetech solution is compatible with main Video Management Systems (Genetec and Milestone) thanks to specific plug-ins. Consequently, it can be easily implemented in an existing security network to strengthen it.

Azur Drones supplies you a complete service which includes: the installation of the Skeyetech solution on your site, the no-fly zones configuration, the training of your staffs on its use and the global maintenance of our products. Our experts also provide you a technical and operational assistance.




Reliable and rugged system

Skeyetech drones are fitted with an equipment redundancy (engines, electronics), a pyrotechnic recovery system and a drone geo-caging for aerial safety. The communication between the drone and its connected base is encrypted which ensures a secured data transmission.

Skeyetech is the result of 3 years of research and development carried out by our experienced staffs in France. Azur Drones has succeeded in providing the reliability and safety of the product to the French authorities in order to obtain authorization for automated flights on private sites.






High quality sensors

The X8 design of the drone allows to embed a large range of payloads. Our team has selected high-quality and high-stabilization sensors for security missions, day or night. The drone is equipped with a HD visible camera and a thermal camera with high zoom capabilities and a highly stabilized brushless gimbal.






Our team is able to offer a tailor-made configuration (free, tethered, mobile) for numerous use-cases.

Our solution fulfils a strong need of automation of the operations, deported or not, as well as a big responsiveness and frequency of intervention.







  • Type: octorotor X8
  • Autonomy: 35 min
  • Max flight speed: up to 50 mph / 80 km/h
  • Protection rate: IP 56 (waterproof)
  • Weather conditions: rain, wind speed up to 50 km/h / 31 mph





  • Visible camera: HD res, with x20 zoom
  • Thermal camera: 640×480, with x4 digital zoom
  • Brushless gimbal with high stabilization level: < 30 μrad




  • Weight: 440 lbs / 200 kg
  • Size (L x W x H): 80 x 71 x 43 in /2.00 x 1.80 x 1.10 m
  • Protection rate: IP 56 (waterproof)
  • Deployment time: < 20 sec
  • Automatic recharge: 0 to 100 % in 30 min
  • Weather station: anemometer and rain gauge





  • Function: integration of Skeyetech system into the existing security
  • Controls: missions, camera