Drones’Guard, the new era of video surveillance


To meet the growing demand for drones for video surveillance, Azur Drones has developed Drones’Guard, a complete range of new generation drones, especially designed to meet all security needs:




Skeyetech drone front view

Fully autonomous drone for sensitive sites surveillance


Flying Guard

FG-800_power riser

Tethered drone system for long-lasting surveillance operations



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Powerful mobile cameras, UAV pave the way for new opportunities in Defense and Security industry. Security drone solutions are the perfect choice to carry out day or night surveillance missions of any kind such as sensitive site monitoring, border patrolling or crowd control.



Efficient & reactive

Drones provide strategic aerial-viewpoints to assess different types of situations and enhance the responsiveness and the efficiency in the case of an intervention. They supply security staffs and armed forces with precise, fast and real-time feed-backs over wide areas.

Less operational risks

Drones are also valuable tools for surveillance missions in hard-to-reach or dangerous locations. By substituting human intervention, they ensure safety of the operating staff. 


In comparison with conventional surveillance solutions such as camera networks, planes, or helicopters, security drone systems are highly cost-effective. They also have the added benefits to be stealthy and fast.


They trust us


 Azur Drones is the strategic partner of major clients in the Defense and Security industry such as: the French Ministry of the Interior, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, municipal polices and many industrial and security companies.


Drones’Guard solutions have been rewarded with many different innovation prizes, during the Cannes Security Meetings and the SKF/Atos Industry of the Future challenge in 2017, and more recently at the INSR Abu Dhabi exhibition.



SKEYETECH drone on its charging base

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security center

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Rock in Evreux

Feedback from Evreux’ Police services on the Flying Guard

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European leader in surveillance UAV


Pioneer of the French professional drone market in 2012, Azur Drones quickly became the European leader in security drone. The company relies on a strong R&D team to develop increasingly innovative products for the security and defense sectors. It masters state-of-the-art technologies such as tethered or fully automated drone.




manufacturer of surveillance drones in EUROPE


certified manufacturer

Over 500 drones per year


mostly for R&D and production


operational centres

Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Pau


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