Drones’Guard, surveillance drone solutions


Drones’Guard is a full range of industry-grade drones designed and developed to meet all the needs in terms of surveillance:




A fully autonomous solution perfectly suited to conduct automatic patrols and quick situational assessments in sensitive sites such as nuclear plants, data centers, or ports. Valuable aerial viewpoint, this drone can also provide a profitable assistance in the case of an intervention.

Skeyetech drone front view

Flying Guard

A tethered drone supplied by an automatic power unit to carry out long-lasting aerial observations. This system is ideal for crowd control, critical infrastructures monitoring or tactical operations follow-up.

FG-800_power riser




“Drones are widely considered as highly effective tools for surveillance. But, until now, those technologies have remained too difficult to implement in the security sector. With the Drones’Guard range, our ambition is to make drones latest technologies finally accessible to safety actors. ”
Jean-Marc Crépin, Azur Drones’ CEO. 




Drones’Guard, French know-how towards safety

Cutting edge technologies

Drones’Guard products are designed in Azur Drones’ Research and Development center in Bordeaux. This site brings together 40 employees with an expertise in every fields: mechanics, electronics, software programming, flight test and industrialization. Designed from scratch to meet safety needs, our drones stretch the boundaries of automation and flight time.

Highest quality standards

Azur Drones is focusing on the development of lasting and reliable solutions with the highest level of safety. Drones’Guard solutions are aerospace-grade and meet the standards established by the French and European authorities. They are fitted with the highest level of equipment redundancy and latest safety systems. Moreover, all our surveillance drone systems are manufactured in our in-house facilities. Azur Drones is starting an ISO 9001 and MASE certification process.

Complete service

Drones’Guard teams are able to provide a complete service to ease the implementation of our security drone systems, including: system configuration, team training, technical and operational assistance and global maintenance. Because each client is unique and changes over time, Drones’Guard also offers modular solutions to meet precisely their expectations.