Tethered drone systems for security applications

Posted in Market on September 20, 2018

Security drone market has strong winds in its sails. While the current threat level is increasing, conventional security solutions struggle to meet on-field expectations. Drones offer new surveillance capabilities and has an increasingly part to play. PwC has forecasted that by 2020, the security drone market will be worth $10 bn[1]. A large kind of drones, from simple to the most advanced, are emerging from this shifting market. An in-depth look on tethered drone systems for security applications.


Standard drones often face some limitations – limited observation time, security issues in the case of a signal loss or a battery failure – restricting thereby their potential of use. To increase drones autonomy, some manufacturers now offer captive systems. Drones are powered by an electric cable of about 100 meters and are able to carry out stationary observation missions for several hours.” explains Stephane Morelli, Azur Drones’ Managing Director. As well, tethered drones allow a very large aerial coverage thanks to high precision sensors. The cable which enables the drone supply can also include optical fibre to secure data transmission.  


Tethered drone systems have broad potential applications and pave the way of many use cases for security purposes.

Crisis management support      

In case of crisis situations such as fire or natural hazard, they provide great support to emergency services.

Live aerial images transmissions offer firemen a wider vision of the fire extent and allow them, when equipped with IR sensors, to detect more precisely ignitions. Compared to conventional firefighting solutions such as helicopters, tethered drones are highly cost-effective and therefore do not expose firemen. A valuable asset in meeting the alarming assessment made by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) which counts 350 million hectares of woodland burned every year[2].

Tethered drone can also assist emergency services after a natural disaster in the search for isolated victims in hard-to-reach areas.

Protection of events     
Strategically positioned, tethered drones benefit security and police forces to ensure event protection such as protests, festive or sport events. They allow a quick situational assessment and offer a vantage viewpoint if an intervention is required. Festivalgoers are experiencing this solution for the securing of their events. In june 2018, Azur Drones’ Flying Guard has thus been deployed by police forces to secure Rock in Evreux festival (31 000 people). (More information: Feedback from Evreux’ Police services on the Flying Guard).

In military camps, tethered drones can be used to secure perimeter or gather information about surrounding activities such as approaching enemies. They also provide a support in the tactical operations follow-up.


To choose a tethered system for security applications, you may compare several criterion: 

– Sensors performance: detection distance, advanced functions such as tracking and hot spots detection
– Ease of use: transport fluency, power unit automation
– Securing: optical fibre cable (no risk of hacking, malicious jamming or electromagnetic disturbance), system ensuring drone captivity        
– Versatility: possibility to adjust flight height for each mission, to adapt to different drones
– Compliance of the drone with tethered use: electronic system designed to fly continuously for several hours.


Discover, the Flying Guard, our tethered done solution for long-lasting aerial surveillance:

Flying Guard

A tethered drone supplied by an automatic power unit to carry out long-lasting aerial observations. This system is ideal for crowd control, critical infrastructures monitoring or tactical operations follow-up.

FG-800_power riser


[1] https://press.pwc.com/News-releases/global-market-for-commercial-applications-of-drone-technology-valued-at-over–127-bn/s/ac04349e-c40d-4767-9f92-a4d219860cd2

[2] http://www.fao.org/news/story/fr/item/29097/icode/

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